This is the area that guests enter the station, and comfortably wait prior to entering the studios for on-air interviews.

The plaques mounted on the wall are in appreciation of the work and effort of Mr. Ian McLean, our Station Engineer, who was responsible for the design, installation and commissioning of our state of the art broadcasting facilities. Ian’s involvement in the station continues, and he is always at the forefront in initialising the latest broadcast technologies.



The three studios are nicely furnished and equipped with CD and MiniDisc Players. They provide a comfortable area for announcers whilst on-air. Production of a show is controlled via a PC, running Whizbang, and an Ogenics Prelude on-air mixer.

The Whizbang software gives announcers full control of their show, access to up-to-minute teletext information, current weather, accurate date/time. The days of announcements being on tape cartridge are long gone. Now – in the digital age – sponsorship announcements, promotional material and jingles are all stored in a digital format for easy access. As well as this there are some 1,600 songs stored on the computer for instant air play.

The studios are double framed and sound insulated. As well, double glazing is used to completely sound proof the studios.


Control Room

The control room is the hub of the radio station. Audio from the studios is routed to this room where it is processed, then sent through a digital link to our main transmitter site, where it is received and subsequently broadcast via our main transmitter. This room is kept at a constant temperature, like the rest of the studio areas, at 21 degrees Celsius.

In the event of a main transmitter failure, Stereo 974 also has the facilities to switch to our standby transmitter at the studios. Likewise, in the event of power loss, our automatic diesel generator immediately starts up and is running at full power within 30 seconds. In this lag period, uninterrupted power supplies keep the station on air.