Brimbank City Council announced their Australia Day Award winners for 2018 and paid tribute to some of its most community minded citizens at a special ceremony on Monday 22 January to announce the winners of the 2018 Brimbank Australia Day Awards.

We are pleased to announce and extremely proud that our very own STEREO 974 General Manager Rod Boyd has been named Citizen of the Year. In recognition of his personal endeavours, achievements and contribution to the community.

Rod Boyd JP, was born and raised in Brimbank, Rod is a proud local who loves the diversity of the area and has seen many transformations over the years. He and his wife have always lived in Brimbank, raising their children and grandchildren there.

In fact, back in the 1970s, he served the western suburbs as a member of the Victoria Police before moving into other positions, including as a Radio Announcer, Talk-back Host and Speciality Program Presenter with Melbourne’s 3UZ.

For the past 21 years he has been General Manager of Western Radio Broadcasters, STEREO 974, where he has nurtured, mentored and increased the ethnic language broadcasting across the station to cater to the needs of the community.

STEREO 974 is one of the longest established Community Broadcasters in Victoria. It has a vast demographic and the multicultural division is now spread over 12 different Languages. It was early in his time at the station when Rod recognised that emerging communities didn’t have a voice, so, along with Ethnic speaking residents, he has tailored STEREO 974 to become the newsletter of the airwaves.

For many years, Rod has been a tireless worker for his community in general and also in his capacity as a Justice of the Peace. He is known for giving generously of his time for the purpose of helping others, working extensively with English and Ethnic speaking Communities.

Following the Coode Island fire in 1991 and subsequent inquiries that revealed information was not freely available, he created a warning system at the radio station to convey emergency information over the airwaves. STEREO 974 was in fact the first Emergency Response Broadcaster in Victoria. The fruits of Rod’s hard work can now be seen Victoria-wide through the establishment of the Emergency Response Radio Network as a source of immediate information alerting the community to emergency events.

Rod was also instrumental in the creation of the state-of-the-art community broadcasting studios in Brooklyn where STEREO 974 broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with volunteer radio announcers and producers.

Both Rod, and STEREO 974 have received a number of awards for Multicultural Broadcasting as well as support from Emergency Services and local and state governments.

One of the many achievements in Rod’s community service was the implementation of a small business program in the Young Offenders Unit at Port Phillip Prison. The program he created was called Doin’ Time and was based on business principles and practices where all inmates took on a range of roles from General Manager to Human Resources. The name Doin’ Time is a registered trademark and the program screen prints t-shirts which are sold with the proceeds going to various charities. To date more than $150,000 has been raised.

Over the past few years Rod has also been actively involved as a community representative for the new Ravenhall Correctional Centre.

Congratulations Rod and thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for your Community.