On Wednesday 28 May 2008, the Chief Executive Officer of TERMINALS, Mr GEORGE HORMAN in company with Mr. DAVID BOZINOSKI, Chief Financial Officer of TERMINALS, attended at the Studios of STEREO 974 to present a donation cheque.

The relationship between TERMINALS and STEREO 974, has been in place for 10 years, and during this period TERMINALS have been an annual contributor and financial supporter of STEREO 974. This recent financial donation will fund a major upgrade to our computer network. It will also further heighten the dissemination of information in our role as an EMERGENCY RESPONSE AND RECOVERY BROADCASTER”.

STEREO 974, broadcasts not only to the English speaking community of the Western Suburbs, but also the Non English speaking community via Ethnic Language Programming (Currently 60 HOURS PER WEEK, Broadcasting in 12 Ethnic Languages).

Left David Bozinoski, Right George Horman – Terminals

STEREO 974 has always had a flexible outlook towards programming, and our commitment to Emergency Response Broadcasting, both in Ethnic and English Languages places us in a unique position whereby we can service the needs of our community and listeners.

As a Volunteer based Not For Profit Incorporated Association, STEREO 974, would again like to thank TERMINALS PTY LTD for their continued support. This support enables us to continue providing a quality broadcasting service to our Ethnic and English Language Listeners. It also gives Ethnic Communities, the opportunity to reach thousands of listeners who are not catered for in the main stream Media.