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BOBíS WEEKLY BLOG TUESDAY 4TH MARCH 2014 Posted: Tue 4th Mar 2014 - 12:03

Joel Turner's first book, "Man Stuff: Thoughts on Faith, Family, and Fatherhood," will be out soon. It's a book full of life lessons, life stories, from experiences, things Turner learned throughout his life. Turner says Thomas Nelson approached him about doing a book after People magazine named him the "Hottest Dad in Country Music" in 2011.

Glen Campbell, who has been battling Alzheimer's disease in recent years, will be honored with the inaugural "Glen Campbell Courage Award" this month. Glen is known for big hits like Witchita Lineman and Galveston that feature on a new cd by Country Singer Collin Raye that you can hear on Stereo 974.

Trisha Yearwood as you know has a cookbook out and now Martina McBride has her own "Around the Table" coming out this year. Her new cd "Everlasting" a collection of Martina's favorite songs comes out next month.

A fun new track "Donkey" is just one of the tracks from the upcoming Jerrod Niemann cd "Journey to High Noon" Check it on your favorite station for Country.

The Doobie Brothers are teaming up with a slew of top-notch country stars, including Toby Keith and Brad Paisley, to record an album of the band's hits. They'll then 'take it to the streets.' The partnership between some of country's biggest stars and the legends of classic rock is guaranteed to excite fans worldwide. Zac Brown Band, Sara Evans, Chris Young, Jerrod Niemann, and Love and Theft will also help the four-time Grammy winning act create an album of all new recordings of Doobies Brothers hits. The album, which will be released later this year, allows the country artists to pick their favorite Doobie songs, and then record them with the band. The band has sold more than 30 million records, and with the exciting addition of fan-favorite country singers, the Doobies are well on their way to an even higher number.

New rising talent the Adam Eckersley Band will release its debut album - The First Album - on Friday March 14.

Triple Golden Guitar winner Luke O'Shea released his latest single from his highly anticipated new album - Sing You Up - which is due to be launched mid March. The single - Three Brothers (The Great War) - was written, to "punch listeners in the nose - with the hope that the sting and the song's message will then be forever remembered!" Luke picked up two Golden Guitars in January for back-to back Heritage Song of the Year and the coveted Song of The Year with the Joy McKean inspired first single from the new album, Lady Of The Land. Of the second single, Luke said Three Brothers is about July 28, 2014, the centenary of the first world war...listen up for it on Stereo 974.

Have a great week!
Bob Taylor.

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BOBíS WEEKLY BLOG MONDAY 24TH FEBRUARY 2014 Posted: Mon 24th Feb 2014 - 16:02

Florida Georgia Line singer Tyler Hubbard is recovering following an injury in a motocross accident earlier this month. The country crooner was reportedly enjoying a dirt biking session on February 16 when he misjudged the distance of a jump and crashed, injuring his back.

David Nail has announced that "Kiss You Tonight" will serve as the next single off of his album I'm A Fire.

Carrie Underwood was honored for her efforts with the Country Radio Broadcasters Artist Humanitarian Award during the opening ceremonies of the Country Radio Seminar at the Nashville Convention Center. Underwood's charitable highlights include donating $1 million of her last tour proceeds to the American Red Cross, starting her own foundation C.A.T.S. Foundation (Checotah Animal, Town, and School Foundation) to help with general causes, needs and services in her hometown of Checotah, Oklahoma.

Canaan Smith co-wrote Jason Aldean's "Black Tears" with Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line. The songwriter recently spoke about how the song about strippers came about and surprisingly Canaan says he wrote the song out of sadness. The song has also been recorded by Florida Georgia Line and is the new single by Jason Aldean Listen up on your favourite station Stereo 974.

Eric Church"s highly anticipated 4th album "The Outsiders" has landed at # 1 in all genres on the Billboard Charts. It's Eric's biggest album so far . You can hear cuts from the cd over your favorite Station for "Country" Stereo 974.

The Bellamy Brothers got a bit of a surprise when touring India and Sri Lanka - becoming the First country act to tour in these areas. Their music is already well known and the guys are lapping up all the attention.

Greg Bates lives his song - "Did it for the Girl" and gets engaged and the girl said Yes.

Tim McGraw revealed a new song "Shotgun Rider" off of his upcoming album on Feb. 19 on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.'

Luke Bryan -  The ACM Award and Entertainer of the Year's newest is titled Spring Break 6 Like We Ain't Ever and will feature songs all co-written by Luke himself.

Triple Golden Guitar winner Luke O'Shea released his latest single this week from his highly anticipated new album - Sing You Up - which is due to be launched mid March. The single - Three Brothers (The Great War) is on your favourite station Stereo 974.

Have a great week!

Bob Taylor.

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Transcript - Craig Lapsley - Fire condition update - 24 Feb 2014

It's been yet another busy week across Victoria. We've seen the East Gippsland fire still burning, and we've certainly got a fire of significance in the Hazelwood mine at Morwell. First though I'll just reflect on what the weather brings this week. We've got a milder week but  it's interesting to see that across the state on Tuesday the fire danger ratings will be Very High across all districts is the forecast.

With a south westerly change that moves through on Tuesday or Wednesday. Now with that we've got to be really careful that we just don't get into the slide along that it is just another day, I think Tuesday is a day that people should take note of. Because if we did have fires that start they would run and they could have the potentail to do damage. We are not out of it, and we need to make sure even though we have had cooler conditions, that we don't forget that we can still have fires that will do damage. And the reason I say that is that last week we saw a number of fires run. Goongerah for example in East Gippsland, a new start within the area where the major fire is, was caused by lightening and in a very short period of time that fire developed that it was actually crowning through trees.And that tells us that conditions are still dry. And it means it doesn't have to have excessive temperatures or low relative humidities and high wind speeds, you don't need all three to get a fire to run. You may only need two of those and I think in Gippsland last week it was obviously wind and a very low relatively humidity.

So that is a bit of warning, a little bit of focus and we just need to stay attuned to that as one of the key issues for this week.

East Gippsland fires are still burning. People will say they've been burning for a long time, and they have. They're deep seated and there is significant resources still down there working on it and that will continue. We've revisted the East Gippsland strategy to make sure we get the extinguishment right of that fire and that is something that the East Gippsland or the Gippsland region are working on with the Incident Controller out of Orbost. Though what it means is across the state we need to offer up the support and resources to make that successful. And obviously there will be some ongoing issuesin the recovery area that DHS and the local shire will lead. Some of that has already kicked in obviously but there will be more to be done.

And the big one that has been sitting now since the 9th of February is a fire in the Hazelwood mine. So the Hazelwood mine just south of Morwell. And that is causing us significant problems. That is it's a deep seated fire in coal, it's burning and putting up smoke over the township of Morwell and obviously causing significant issues.

In quick there are four ways to look at that fire. First is the fire strategy which is being run out of the Incident Control Centre at Traralgon, with an extension operational structure on the site itself. With the MFB, CFA, we've got Tasmania,we've got South Australian metropolitan fire services, we've got ACT, we've got Fire Rescue NSW backed into or stepped into a number of CFA stations to give capability  and huge resources from MFB and CFA. It's a big operation.

The second part of it is actually the smoke. And it's interesting that for the community they see this fire as all about the smoke. In a bushfire you normally focus on the fire and the smoke is a subset. This fire however is all about the smoke for the community because they can't see the fire and the fire is not going to come and burn them, so the smoke will be the issue.

The smoke is one part of it. Carbon monoxide is the second part, and ash is the third part of the environmental issues. And obviously the EPA and the Chief Health Officer are working through that to make sure that every day the community is warned about what the smoke hazards are, any potential for carbon monoxide and what ash actually means in the town.

The third part is how to engage the community. There's been some fantastic work done about how to engage with the community. The latest plan for example has people travelling on the trains to get information, so people travelling in and out of Morwell in they're on trains they get information. That's only one example of how the extensive program of community engagement that has now been put in place. And there's buses in streets, there's corner meetings, there's information out of a respite location in Moe where Red cross, Council of Churches, DHS and La Trobe City and others are in attendance to give people information and have respite. And likewise Department of Health and Ambulance Victoria have got a health assessment centre in Morwell. All places where people can get information and get an understanding of what it means for them, and that is really good.

And the fourth part of the whole incident is all about the recovery side. It's about what happens after this goes away, what happens in the community, what happens in business, what happens in commerce in the town, what it means to Morwell and the district. That's quite significant in it's own right.

So it's a complex, long incident that is not going away. We think it is another 10-14 days to extinguish the fire, at best. And that relies on a lot of issues.

I will leave it there but you can see there is still lots happening in Victoria. La Trobe Valley is one of those that is a really key issue particularly for the Morwell community. So thank you.

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ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email


Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nudpQFjcwXQ&list=TLYDUgy-uSxtU_fAqw01zI3X_LBQlttM6e

It's been a busy week. Across Victoria we've seen fires across all sorts of places. A very interesting week, a very successful week but for those that lost properties a very sad week. We should think about those - 45 houses were destroyed since Saturday. So in a week we've seen 45 houses disappear. Add to the houses lost in the Grampians previously, that's 78 houses destroyed in Victoria so far this summer and you can only hope that stops with the change in the weather.

A busy week but a really successful week. I think Victorian communities have really seen the fire services step up and step up so well and they've acknowledged that and said congratulations to everyone. So whether you're a volunteer or a career person, whether you're on the back of a truck or in a management team, whether you're home protecting your area or you're away at major fires I say thank you to everyone, because it's been a fantastic commitment. And it extends past the fire services. Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria, local government, Red Cross, local community groups, it shows the commitment people will give when there's a time of need. It's something that's very special and we should say well done to everyone. We should also stop and think we've done it and done it so well.

But you can't do it without the community, the community have done so well. We focus sometimes on the loss of 78 houses, but think about how many houses have been threatened by fire and survived. We should think about people. We haven't lost a life, not one life lost and we've had horrendous fires, very intense, fast moving, unpredictable, which means we've got that right. Likewise we haven't seen significant injury. I know there have been injuries but none have been significant injuries and that's also been a positive takeaway from what's been a very busy week.

It hasn't left us, East Gippsland's still got fires, and we don't want to forget East Gippsland because it's a very important part of Victoria. So those in the Goongerah, Bonang, Tubbut area have got fires around them, have lost property. Some of them are only regaining access to their communities now and their properties. So that's a long haul for them. Right at the start, the lightning that started three weeks ago now has been with them with fires around them, smoke in the area and fire threatening them ongoing. So we've got to say to East Gippsland we're all with you. Those communities that have had the biggest impact now are only just getting back on their feet now and it's a hard road to come from.

The other one that's challenging us significantly is the fire that's in the Hazelwood open cut. A grass fire ran in there on Sunday the 9th and has been burning since then. Likewise in Yallourn open cut there's a small fire that's difficult to get out but they've done very well to get it contained to where it is now. And during the past week have had fires in the Australian Paper Mill just north of Morwell. So the Latrobe Valley's had grass fires, coal mine fires, fires that have impacted on the stockpiles of the Australian Paper Mill and huge CFA and MFB resources, telebooms, aerial appliances, aircraft in the sky, a huge ongoing operation. I think the Hazelwood mine will burn for a number of weeks and the biggest concern with that is the amount of smoke that it's putting up over Morwell. It's certainly a key issue between the fire authorities, EPA and the Department of Health to make sure we get the messaging right and make sure the Morwell community get the information they need about their safety and wellbeing.

The next week, the weather is milder. The highest fire danger rating we believe in the forecast is very high. We've had some rain particularly in the northern part of the state, but it doesn't take long for that rain to disappear because it was only 10 or 15 millimetres. So that's critical. In the very north western corner there was more rain so that's obviously welcome, but we have got most parts of Victoria still very dry. The fire danger rating won't be in the higher levels, but people still need to be mindful about fires, particularly small fires that can do damage, and we need to stay on the ball, but certainly let's take the welcome respite forward with us.

So in closing thank you to everyone. It's been a great week, great things achieved, we've had losses and our hearts are open to those who lost their properties and hopefully they get the help they need to re-establish themselves. We'll enjoy what is a milder week across Victoria.

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BOBíS WEEKLY BLOG MONDAY 17TH FEBRUARY 2014 Posted: Mon 17th Feb 2014 - 14:02

Frankie Ballard released his new album "Sunshine & Whiskey" last week and its lead single "Helluva Life" is his first Top 10 hit and is on its way to the Top 5! The chorus says, 'The bad times make the good times better!

The message was going to be true for a lot of people's journey in life outside of the music business."

Garth Brooks is slated to perform five sold-out shows at Dublin, Ireland's Croke Park in July 2014. About 400,000 people are slated to attend the shows, which run from July 25th to 29th. However, Croke Park operators agreed limit the number of concerts it hosts to three per year. Residents of the area have threatened a High Court injunction if licenses are allowed for the fourth and fifth Brooks concerts. Promoters have 10 weeks to apply for a license before the first show, and residents are allowed five weeks to protest the application. It has been 17 years since Brooks' last concert in Dublin.

Heidi Newfield, Ira Dean and Keith Burns .known as Trick Pony, have reunited to record new music and tour in 2014.

Suzy Bogguss has been around country music for a while and has just released an album of Merle Haggard songs - in fact 12 of Merle's finest.

Singer-songwriter and Georgia native Cole Swindell has been part of the Nashville music scene since before his current hit, "Chillin' It," became a radio sensation. While on the road with good friend Luke Bryan, Swindell used the time to master his craft and wrote several songs for Bryan's Spring Break EPs as well as cuts for Thomas Rhett, Scotty McCreery, Florida Georgia Line, Chris Young and Craig Campbell. Now with Warner Bros. Records!

Have a great week!

Bob Taylor.

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MEDIA RELEASE WEDNESDAY, 12 FEBRUARY 2014 Posted: Wed 12th Feb 2014 - 12:02

Crews working to make road access safe

Fire authorities working on the Mickleham Kilmore fire have begun turning their attention to clearing

dangerous trees left by the fire which has claimed at least 12 homes.

Deputy Incident Controller John Leben said easing fire conditions meant crews could now access areas

affected by fire with the intention opening roads for residents to return home.

"We've got many, many dangerous trees right around the fire area and particularly along roads. Roads in

these areas burnt are very, very dangerous," Mr Leben said.

"It's important to recognise the danger doesn't pass when the fire does."

Mr Leben said he understood the frustration of residents who were desperate to return to their

properties, and was keen to make access safe for them at the earliest opportunity.

"At first light crews, with the help of local government authorities and VicRoads, will continue clearing

assessing and removing dangerous trees. It's vital we help people get back to normality at the earliest


Mr Leben said an example of the danger was an incident on Monday evening when a falling limb struck

a firetruck. Luckily no-one was injured.

Impact assessment teams will continue to enter fire affected areas and cataloguing losses of homes,

outbuildings, fences, and community infrastructure today.

Department of Environment and Primary Industries Animal Health staff have begun visiting fire affected

properties to make rapid impact assessments and help landowners with urgent animal welfare needs.

For assistance landowners can call the DEPI customer service centre on 136186.

Mr Leben urged anyone who didn't need to be in the area to stay away and that generous donations of

stock feed and other items should be made via recovery agencies, rather than directly to affected areas.

He said while conditions had eased residents needed to stay on their toes.

"There's still a chance the fire could pose a threat if conditions change. Stay informed by listening to

ABC radio, monitor the CFA website and download the FireReady App," Mr Leben said.

Information on relief and recovery support, including emergency financial assistance from the Victorian

and Commonwealth governments, is available at www.recovery.vic.gov.au. People affected by fires can

also contact the Red Cross on 1800 727 077.

Please address all enquiries to:
ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

BOBíS WEEKLY BLOG 11TH FEBRUARY 2014 Posted: Tue 11th Feb 2014 - 14:02

Miranda Lambert has released "Automatic," the lead single from her fifth studio album. The song, is about slowing down and appreciating the good things in life: "taking a breath and remembering what it's like to live life a little more simply,"

The Building Conservation Trust, the national marine habitat program of the Coastal Conservation Association, has added Kenny Chesney as an honorary board member. Founded in 2010 to enable people who love and enjoy the oceans!

The Grand Ole Opry celebrates 40 years of country music at its permanent home, the Grand Ole Opry House, beginning next month, with special events kicking off weekend March 15 and continuing throughout the year.

Six months after a life-threatening health crisis, it appears that Randy Travis could be getting ready to get back to work. Travis has begun to ease back into playing his guitar, and is "anxious to get back to work and connect with his fans.

Hunter Hayes, the Zac Brown Band and the Band Perry are among the artists who will appear on a deluxe reissue of Sir Elton John's 1973 album, 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.'

Clay Walker hosted his second annual Band Against MS Ride in Houston, Texas, joined by over a thousand eager riders: February 1st.

The bicycle trek benefited Band Against MS (BAMS), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational material and support for those living with MS.

If you've wondered how Tim McGraw looks great, here's the answer: Working out and eating healthy keep the 'Lookin' for That Girl' singer at the top of his game and helps him enjoy touring.

With strict tour schedules and a hectic traveling lifestyle, McGraw hopes being healthy on the road will help keep him doing what he loves for even longer. "Looking for the Girl "the latest from McGraw's newest cd and you can hear it as a key song on Stereo 974.

Have a great week!

Bob Taylor.

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JOINT MEDIA RELEASE 10 FEBRUARY 2014 Posted: Mon 10th Feb 2014 - 22:02

The Hon Michael Keenan MP
Minister for Justice

The Hon Kim Wells MP
Victorian Minister for Police and Emergency Services
and Bushfire Response


10 February 2014

The Minister for Justice Michael Keenan and the Victorian Minister for Police and Emergency Services and Minister for Bushfire Response Kim Wells today announced that disaster assistance was now available to communities affected by the weekend's bushfires in Victoria.
"The Commonwealth and Victorian Governments have moved quickly to activate financial assistance including personal hardship assistance for families, and for councils to conduct emergency relief operations, clean-up activities, and to begin restoring or rebuilding essential public assets damaged by the fires," Mr Keenan said.
The support is provided under the jointly-funded Commonwealth-Victorian Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements.
The emergency financial assistance is available for eligible residents in bushfire-affected local government areas in outer Melbourne, Central and Northern and North-East Victoria, and Gippsland.
Under Victoria's Personal Hardship Assistance Program, the following financial assistance is available to eligible households:
• Emergency relief assistance, which provides payments of up to $500 per adult and $250 per child up to a maximum of $1,250 per household to cover emergency accommodation, food, clothing, or personal items, and personal and financial counselling; and
• Emergency re-establishment assistance, which provides up to $31,050 per household for clean-up, emergency accommodation, repairs, rebuilding and replacing some damaged contents. It is also available to eligible Victorians in extreme hardship whose homes have become uninhabitable as a result of the fires.
"People experiencing personal hardship and distress should contact their local council in the first instance, or call the Victorian Emergency Recovery Information Line on 1300 799 232 to enquire about what assistance they may be eligible for," Mr Wells said.

"They could also download further information from the Emergency Relief and Recovery Victoria website, at www.recovery.vic.gov.au."
Minister Wells said that authorities were continuing to assess the damage caused by the weekend's bushfires, and that if assistance was required in other communities, it would be extended to those locations.
"Many fires continue to burn today and I urge people to ensure they are aware of their surroundings and monitor more than one form of emergency advice.
"Victorians should be mindful of the ongoing bushfire risk and make appropriate preparations for their families, homes and businesses," Mr Wells said.
For further information contact the Victorian Emergency Recovery Information Line on 1300 799 232 or visit the Australian Government's Disaster Assist website at www.disasterassist.gov.au


Please address all enquiries to:
ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

MEDIA RELEASE SUNDAY 9 FEBRUARY 2014 Posted: Mon 10th Feb 2014 - 00:02


Stereo 974 is the official emergency response radio broadcaster for Melbourne's western suburb region.
We play an important role in communicating emergency announcements as they happen. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week on call for the emergency response units should the need arise to communicate important announcements. In fact all local Councils have published and distributed leaflets/fridge magnets outlining that in the event of an emergency occurring that residents are to tune to our station for up to date information.
I would like to advise all our listeners that all through today Sunday 9 February and right throughout the night into Monday 10 February, STEREO 974 will be conducting LIVE TO AIR Emergency Response Announcements for updates on the fire affected areas within our region.
We have our full Management Team on board working thought the night to ensure all alerts are delivered across our airways.
As well as our on air messages we have been & will be posting Emergency Response Alerts  on our STEREO 974 Facebook page as they come through via the CFA.

Media Enquiries: Rod Boyd - General Manager
03 9318-0930

Please address all enquiries to:
ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

BOBíS WEEKLY BLOG FEBRUARY 4TH 2014 Posted: Tue 4th Feb 2014 - 11:02

Eight months since the release of her last single, Miranda Lambert is excited to introduce "Automatic," the first song from her forthcoming album. Written by Miranda, Nicolle Galyon and Natalie Hemby, the autobiographical song reflects on the days of pay phones, learning to drive a stick shift, driving to Dallas to buy an Easter dress, recording the country countdown on her cassette recorder and more. "'Automatic' is a song about the good life"

Travis Tritt will be part of a new movie based on the life of Walt Disney - "As Dreamers Do". Travis will narrate and has also written a song for the film - "What Dreamers Do".

Eric Pasley has a big hit on his hands with "Friday Night" - originally recorded by Lady Antebellum for their 2011 album "Own the Night"

To celebrate 40 years together, the Bellamy Brothers will be touring again 2014. In addition, they will release a 3 song EP as a teaser for their upcoming 40th Anniversary album - a two disc set that will include 15 new songs and 15 number one hits.

If you are a fan - the Bellamy Brothers will be in OZ - October for a series of concerts - and will be at The Crown Casino October 17th - 18th.

Following their live collaboration at the 56th annual Grammy Awards, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Merle Haggard have announced that they're working on entire album together, fans can expect it "as soon as they get it together."

Have a great week!

Bob Taylor.

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BOBíS WEEKLY BLOG JANUARY 28TH 2014 Posted: Tue 28th Jan 2014 - 12:01

Jennifer Nettles "That Girl" sweeps into #1, arriving at #2 is Rosanne Cash's "The River & the Thread". These are the new leaders on the Country Album chart this week on Billboard Magazine's roundup of songs. Check out songs from both albums now playing!

Kenny Chesney has filed a copyright suit against a merchandising company for illegally using his name & a copyrighted logo without permission. The logo featuring a guitar propped against a palm tree was at the center of a previous dispute.


Jerrod Niemann has unveiled the title, cover & release date for his third studio album "High Noon", Niemann has announced is set for release in March Stateside . The cover image is done in an old west poster style, showing Niemann flanked by a couple of babes & a donkey.

"High Noon" was a huge movie from the fifties with Gary Cooper, the title tune -being sung by Tex Ritter.

The most important thing to Vince Gill & Paul Franklin when they were recording "Bakersfield," an album of Merle Haggard & Buck Owens cover songs was that Haggard approved of their work. Haggard loved it & wrote the albums liner notes. You can hear some of their songs on Stereo 974!

Since making his country music debut in 1973, Ronnie Milsap won 3 CMA top male vocalist prizes, 6 Grammy Awards & other trophies while notching 40 #1 country hits, 35 of them on the Billboard country singles chart. His Billboard total places him fourth on the all-time list, trailing only George Strait, Conway Twitty & Merle Haggard. His new album "Summer Number Seventeen," finds him revisiting some of the songs that he liked as a younger man, as he reworks "It's All in the Game," "Tears on My Pillow," "I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)" & others. Milsap, who turned 71 last week & who has been making records for 51 years. Keep your radio on Stereo 974 for tracks from the new cd.

Kenny Rogers, the singer who is an avid photographer, was recently honored for his skills behind the camera. The 75yr old was given an honorary master of photography degree from Professional Photographers of America during their annual Imaging USA conference in Phoenix.

Lee Kernaghan & Sara Storer dominated this year's Country Music Awards of Australia (Golden Guitars) presented in Tamworth. Lee took out Single of the Year for "Flying With The King" which went on to also win him Male Artist & Video Clip of the Year. Lee's latest album "Beautiful Noise" was named Top Selling Album of the Year. Sara won Female Artist & the Album of the Year for "Lovegrass".

Luke O'Shea won two Golden Guitars both for his tribute to Joy McKean - Lady Of The Land: Heritage Song of the Year & Song of the Year with co-writer Drew McAlister. Jeff Brown & Keith Jamieson took home Golden Guitars for Bush Ballad of the Year. O'Shea was named Duo of the Year with their song Thank You, Angels, while Pete Denahy was awarded Instrumental of the Year for Cotton Eyed Joe.

The unveiling of statues of Joy McKean & Slim Dusty took place in the main street of Tamworth, Australia's Country Music Capital during the Country Music Festival. The statues pay tribute to Slim & Joy for their contribution to Australia & Australian country music over almost seven decades.

Have a great week!

Bob Taylor.

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BOBíS WEEKLY BLOG JANUARY 21ST 2014 Posted: Tue 21st Jan 2014 - 12:01

More than 40 years after he first came to Nashville, Ronnie Milsap is as inspired as ever. The award-winning country & R&B singer will release a new album "Summer #17". The album is described as homage to the music that inspired Milsap's signature sound & includes a reworking of his '80s hit "Lost in the Fifties Tonight (In the Still of the Night)." The title track to "Summer #17" has a similarly nostalgic air. Dates are being finalized for his "40/40 Vision Tour," celebrating more than 40 years & 40 #1 country hits!

Jamie O"Neal is set to release her first new studio album in five years , taking on some of Country music's classics. The cd is called "Eternal" with versions of "Help me make it through the Night" also a great duet with Andy Griggs on "Golden Ring". Jamie is known for her big hit "There is no Arizona".

New album release that's getting country fans excited is the new one by Martina McBride - Everlasting!

A collection of soul covers including "Suspicious Minds" the Presley classic & "If you don't know me by now" the old Harold & the Blue Notes "classic'' also featured "To know him is to love Him." The cd will be out in March .

Country Superstar Trace Adkins has entered rehab for alcohol abuse. Trace has been off the wagon for twelve years.

Shania Twain is heading home. The singer has just announced plans to perform in her native Canada, for the Calgary Stampede in Alberta, Canada in July. The show will also mark her first full concert in a decade, not counting her current Las Vegas show, 'Still the One.'

Tim McGraw is often exposed to new music by his three daughters who listen to a lot of different genres besides country & he says, "The more music is exposed to you & the more you hear & the more styles of music you hear, that's always going to be an influence on what you do." Tim's new song "Lookin" for that Girl" is from his new album out soon.

For the first time in history, two of Australia's most successful international superstars, Frank Ifield & Keith Potger are coming together to present a show featuring stories & songs from the era they topped the world music charts. This year celebrates Frank's 50th year since he had three successive number one hit songs in the United Kingdom as he paved the way for what was to become an influx of Australian artists into that part of the world. It also celebrates the 50th year since Keith Potger as a member of The Seekers, first went to the UK to begin the rapid rise to fame & domination of the world music charts. Under the banner "When Aussies Ruled Britannia" Frank & Keith will sing their songs that made it to the charts. The tour will take in shows at Castlemaine, Geelong, Penrith, Queanbeyan, Shepparton, Tamworth & Wollongong.

Have a great week!

Bob Taylor.

Please address all enquiries to:
ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

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