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OUTSIDE BROADCAST 28 NOVEMBER 2003 Posted: Wed 12th Nov 2003 - 14:11

On Friday 28 November, your station STEREO 974 will be on the road and broadcasting live from the all new CENTRAL WEST, at 67 Ashley Street Braybrook. It's their grand opening and we'll be there celebrating with them.
The all new CENTRAL WEST, with aldi, fresh foods, fashions, homewares, services and more, 67 Ashley Street Braybrook.

That's Friday 28 November, so why not call in and say hi to the STEREO 974 team.

The all new CENTRAL WEST another proud sponsor of your station STEREO 974.

Please address all enquiries to:
ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

VIETNAMESE BREAKFAST PROGRAM Posted: Wed 12th Nov 2003 - 14:11

General Manager of STEREO 974, Mr Rod Boyd said today "STEREO 974 is thrilled to announce that the Vietnamese Breakfast Program is now heard Monday to Friday between 6 am and 8 am. This further enhances our commitment to multicultural broadcasting here at STEREO 974. We readily recognise that there are some 90,000 Vietnamese speaking persons in Melbourne, and we have received numerous requests from the Vietnamese Community to further expand our Vietnamese Language Broadcasting. The creation of our Vietnamese Breakfast Program gives the Vietnamese community up to the minute news both from Vietnam and Locally."

"STEREO 974 recognises that the Vietnamese community are rapidly growing and their needs have to be met. We readily acknowledge that in the City of Brimbank alone 46% of households speak a language other than English at home, and it is with our flexible outlook towards programming that places us in a position whereby we can service the needs of these communities. STEREO 974 has always adhered to our motto of 'by the community for the community'. This, coupled with our recent alliance that has been formed with Western Health, and numerous other community groups and associations, further cements our commitment."

Please address all enquiries to:
ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email


Last Saturday October 25 at Western Hospital Footscray, between 10 am to 3 pm STEREO 974 conducted a Live Broadcast. This was a great day as the Footscray Hospital celebrated their 50th birthday.

For those who have followed in season 2003, the STEREO 974's coverage of the TXU / VFL Cup especially the Werribee and Williamstown Football Clubs fortunes, would know that we have been voting on the Rod Wilby the Good Guys Taylor's Lakes award all year. Part of the festivities on the day were the presentation to the Winner of the award, SAM CRANAGE of the Williamstown Football Club.

Compliments of Rod Wilby the Good Guys Taylor's Lakes, Sam walked away with the Samsung 68cm flat screen television. Rod Wilby personally presented the prize to Sam Cranage, (photo below)

Please address all enquiries to:
ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

HOSPITAL AND RADIO TEAM UP Posted: Thu 23rd Oct 2003 - 15:10

Author: Brett Quine

A STRATEGIC alliance announced between community radio station STEREO 974 and Western Health last week is set to improve health inform across the region.

Western Health runs three major hospitals at St. Albans. Footscray and Williamstown and offers plenty of services and facilities.

The radio station is a community broadcaster for 25 years with a listener base of 250,000 a week.

Programs broadcast in English, Maltese, Greek, Croatian, Turkish, Spanish, Serbian and Vietnamese will also carry messages about Western Health.

STEREO 974 general manager Rod Boyd welcomed the alliance as a unique community service.
"Our whole charter as a community broadcaster is to have content produced by the community for the community," Mr Boyd said.

"The alliance further enhances STEREO 974's commitment to the community especially throughout the western suburbs area, with its linguistically diverse community," he said.

"STEREO 974 is ideally positioned to disseminate messages from Western Health as radio is a medium that goes wherever the listener travels."

Mr Boyd said the station was also proud to support Western Hospital's 50th birthday celebrations and 50 beds for 50 years appeal.

Western Health chairman Rennis Witham said the alliance would provide an opportunity to better reach the West's diverse community.

Ms Witham said the station would air extracts from the Western Health's recent quality of care report and other health information on an ongoing basis.

As part of the alliance, all patient television sets set at Western Hospotal are now tuned into STEREO 974. Soon, patients' families will also be able to send get-well messages to them on air.

Please address all enquiries to:
ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email


A launch will be held on Tuesday October 14th 2003 to officially celebrate a strategic alliance between Western Health and community radio station STEREO 974.

Western Health is the major health provider in the west of Melbourne and incorporates Western, Sunshine and The Williamstown Hospitals, DASWest Drug and Alcohol Service, and nursing homes Reg Geary in Melton and Hazeldean in Williamstown.

STEREO 974 has been broadcasting in the west for the past 25 years and has a current listener base of 250,000 per week. Catering for the local community, STEREO 974 produces programs in English, Maltese, Greek, Croatian, Turkish, Spanish, Serbian and Vietnamese.

Rennis Witham, Board Chair Western Health, believes the alliance will provide Western Health with an opportunity to better reach the west's culturally and linguistically diverse community.
"We will be utilising STEREO 974's varied programs as an avenue to communicate information to our community about the services provided by Western Health," Ms Witham said. "STEREO 974 will begin by airing extracts from our recently distributed Quality of Care report with the help of bilingual Western Health staff and has agreed to continue assisting us in communicating other information of interest to the community on an ongoing basis."

As part of the alliance, all patient television sets at Western Hospital are now tuned into STEREO 974. In the near future, community members will be able to send get-well messages to family members who are in Western Health hospitals and nursing homes.

STEREO 974 General Manager Mr Rod Boyd said: "The alliance between STEREO 974 and Western Health, further enhances STEREO 974's commitment to the community especially throughout the western suburbs area, with its linguistically diverse community."

"STEREO 974 is ideally positioned to disseminate messages from Western Health as radio is a medium that goes wherever the listener travels. This, coupled with the fact that we already broadcast in numerous ethnic languages, will provide information and entertainment not only for patients in hospital, but also for the general public.

"STEREO 974 is also proud to be involved with Western Hospital's 50th Birthday celebrations and 50 beds for 50 years appeal."

Where: McArthur Room, Western Hospital
When: October 14th 2003-10-13
Time: 10-11am

Rod Boyd, Stereo 974,
speaking at the launch
Rennis Witham, Board Chair,
Western Health speaking at the launch
For more information contact Anne Curtis, Public Affairs & Development Director Western Health on 8345 0492 or 0418 321 703 or Rod Boyd General Manager STEREO 974 (03) 9318 0930

Please address all enquiries to:
ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

STEREO 974 AND WESTERN HEALTH FORM PARTNERSHIP Posted: Mon 13th Oct 2003 - 16:10

General Manager of STEREO 974, Mr. Rod Boyd said today:

"STEREO 974 is thrilled to announce that a partnership has been formed with Western Health that will aim to provide mutual benefit to both organizations and ultimately assist communication with our culturally and linguistically diverse community".

Patient Television sets will be pre-programmed to receive STEREO 974 Programs at FOOTSCRAY, SUNSHINE and WILLIAMSTOWN HOSPITALS. STEREO 974 Program Guides will be distributed to all in-patients at the three hospitals. STEREO 974, will incorporate interviews with hospital staff throughout programming, thus increasing awareness throughout not only the English speaking community of the Western Suburbs, but also the Non English speaking community via Ethnic Programming.

STEREO 974 will be in attendance and broadcasting "Live to Air", from the WESTERN HOSPITAL FOOTSCRAY as the hospital celebrates it's 50th Birthday with a Community Celebration Day on Saturday 25 OCTOBER 2003, between 10am and 3pm.

Please address all enquiries to:
ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

DAMIEN DRUM - AFL COACH TURNED POLITICIAN Posted: Mon 6th Oct 2003 - 16:10

AFL coaches are considered to be under immense pressure, both from supporters of the club and the media throng that surrounds the game, but for Damien Drum this pressure is nothing compared to the spotlight of the political area in which he has just arrived.

Born and bred in the northern Victorian town of Congupna, Damien's first love was for football and it wasn't long before he attracted the attention of VFL club Geelong and was asked to play in the biggest football league in Australia.

Whilst admitting to not being overly endowed with natural talent, Damien gave 10 years of service to Geelong and developed a reputation of being a hard tough player that was rarely beaten.

Following over 165 games (seniors and reserves) representing Geelong, Damien left the club to ply his trade in the Victorian Football Association with Werribee and Port Melbourne, and it was here that he developed an aptitude for coaching. It wasn't long before he was offered a job assisting coach Rodney Eade in Sydney with the Swans.
Following a successful stint as the Sydney Swans assistant coach, Damien was offered the senior coaching position with new AFL club Fremantle. It was here that Damien got his first taste of the type of pressure that can be applied to a senior AFL coach when his team "the Dockers" failed to make any impact at all in the first two years.

After being asked to leave Fremantle Damien took up the coaching position with Victorian football League team the "Bendigo Diggers" in the North West of the state.

Unfortunately Damien couldn't improve the ladder position of the Diggers and they continued to stay near the bottom rungs of the VFL ladder.

Whilst coaching in Bendigo he was offered a position with the National Party in the rough and tumble world of politics. Following a lot of soul searching and family decisions Damien finally decided to move away from football and tackle the hot bed of politics, representing the National Party in the North West province.

Whilst still keeping in touch with the AFL he has concerns about the game but feels that the AFL is doing a great job with the promotion of football presently and feels that we are seeing a "golden period" in the AFL's history.

Understandably Damien's learning curve has taken a distinct upwards spiral and the pressure applied now comes from the public on a day to day basis, but Damien is happy to be learning and trying something different.

Who knows, the future may see Damien Drum become prime minister of Australia and as his history would suggest he would be more than happy to give it a go.

Please address all enquiries to:
ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

JOHN SYMOND - "AUSSIE" BATTLER MADE GOOD Posted: Wed 1st Oct 2003 - 16:10

John Symond is a self made man and a person who has revolutionized the mortgage industry over the past 10 years through a deep appreciation of what individual Australians need and want out of a mortgage.

He is a man we see most nights of the week on television, doing his own advertising and preaching to all Australians that he will save you money with his own brand of mortgage.One could assume that John Symond has a secure life and lives in relative comfort, and this assumption would be absolutely correct. But it is worth noting that he has been to "hell and back" in his ambition to create a successful business that helps every day individual Australians achieve their dreams.

John Symond grew up in Brisbane the son of fruit shop owners. He was one of 7 children and attended 11 schools throughout his formative years.Following a university education he formed a small financial services group that was part of a government owned banking business in the late 1980's.He was financially secure with a wife and two children and life was great. But in a cruel twist of fate, the banking group he was part of went bankrupt and his life as he knew it came crashing down.
His marriage broke up, he lost constant contact with his children and he was left totally broke. For a small period of time he wondered why life had dealt him such a "bad hand" but as he now says, it gave him a chance to look at life in a different way and start doing what he really needed and wanted to do. And that was start his own business. And the rest they say, is history.

Over the past 10 years John has grown what was an embryonic idea, into a multi million dollar business and has an attitude that inspires not only his own employees but millions of other Australians as well. Passion for work, persistence, commitment, and a never give up attitude are Johns "secret" ingredients for success. He believes in being honest with yourself and others, setting goals and doing everything you can to achieve those goals.

The John Symonds story is inspirational in itself, but he is a man who lives the story and can enthuse and inspire all around him. He continues to set goals for himself and has plans to develop his work, which will enable him to continue the positive impact he is having on the community.

Please address all enquiries to:
ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email


Brendan Curry -Williamstown general manager.
A life filled with football through playing, coaching and administration has helped Brendan Curry adapt to life in the new, more professional era of big time VFL football.

Brendan has been with the Williamstown football club for the past 9 years and has seen some major changes occur over that time.
From the mid 90's when the VFL was seemingly self destructing and a good crowd was considered to be 1000 paying spectators, to the heady days of early 2000 when the VFL joined the elite AFL as its feeder competition and a poor crowd is now considered to be 5000 people.

Brendan was a keen supporter of football in the western suburbs of Melbourne and was involved in local football clubs like Spotswood, before being invited to work with a Williamstown outfit that had not won a single game in 1995.

Wind the clock forward to 2003 and the "Seagulls" have made the grand final after a fantastic home and away season, and will be playing the Box Hill Hawks for the 2003 VFL premiership. By the time you read this article the game would have been played and won and Brendan is hoping that Williamstown can come away with the premiership cup.

Williamstown is a proud club representing the western suburbs of Melbourne and with people like Brendan Curry continuing to "fight a good fight" for both the western suburbs and Williamstown, the club and football in the west is in very good hands and the future is secure not only on the ground but off it as well.

Frank Lesaputty - Box Hill Hawks Assistant coach
A premiership medal with Werribee in 1993 in what was the old VFA, 3 years playing at North Melbourne and numerous seasons coaching local football in and around Melbourne, ensures that Frank Lesaputty has a reasonable knowledge of the game of AFL football.

Frank found himself at the Box Hill Hawks when a former teammate Tony Liberatore commenced coaching the club and asked him to help in the assault on the 2003 VFL premiership season.

And nearly 10 years to the day since Frank won his premiership with Werribee, he finds himself back fighting for the ultimate prize, the 2003 VFL premiership against Williamstown.

One of 3 assistant coaches with the Box Hill Hawks, Frank has found that the standard of football has improved since his playing days, due largely to the involvement of the AFL football clubs (Box Hill are Hawthorns feeder club) and a move to what could be considered for many of the players, full time status.

Whatever the result on Sunday the 21st of September Frank will continue to work with Box Hill as long as he is required but his first objective is to win the 2003 VFL premiership.

Please address all enquiries to:
ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

HEROES WITH DAVID GRIFFIN" - 5PM TO 6PM FRIDAYS Posted: Mon 15th Sep 2003 - 16:09


Leonie Stevens - A passionate Australian Author.

To be an author takes a lot of patience, passion and a remarkable ability to portray an idea to a wider audience with some authority. One of Australia's most passionate and well respected authors, Leonie Stevens has just released her latest book, "The remarkable Miss Julia Merton" with some fantastic reviews and praise.

It is her 6th offering to the Australian bookshelves and could be considered her best book yet. Set in the 1800's in the downtrodden Melbourne suburb of Collingwood, the book follows the life of Julia Merton and her observations of a time when Melbourne was developing as a city in its own right.
Leonie Stevens has been writing since primary school and her only dream throughout her schooling days was to be an author and the best one she could possibly be. Leonie has an unprecedented passion for writing and feels that it could be one of the easier artistic pursuits due to the low costs involved and the fact that it can be completed in the privacy of your own home. Although her thoughts may be true, it is obvious that modesty is one of Leonie's virtues.

An avid Collingwood and Williamstown supporter Leonie has some more projects currently in the "work in progress" stage, but considers the AFL finals series to be a major distraction to her finishing her work, particularly since both Collingwood and Williamstown are playing so well.

One of the more interesting facts about Leonie's writing is that she allows the characters to lead the story, and in some ways she can actually be surprised at how the story line changes whilst she writes the book.
In writing a book Leonie understands how she would like the story to finish and the characters involved, but lets the characters come alive and they, not Leonie decide on how the end result is achieved.

Leonie Stevens will continue to write for many years to come and who knows, the next world wide phenomenon like "Harry Potter" may be sitting on Leonie's typewriter just waiting to come out.

Please address all enquiries to:
ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

LOCAL RADIO STATION POWERS UP Posted: Thu 10th Jul 2003 - 16:07

Please address all enquiries to:
ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

FLAT CHAT MOTORING Posted: Tue 17th Jun 2003 - 16:06

The hosts of Melbourne's longest running motoring radio show, Flat Chat Motoring, Jim 'LJ' Wright and Dean 'Deano' Irwin recently took part in a promotional display at Australia's most picturesque racing circuit, Phillip Island. The two former motorsport stars are regular driver advisors at the Phillip Island circuit. With assistance from the circuit officials, under the direction of Clerk of Course, Warren Reid, Deano and LJ took 3AW star Darren James and Stand Up Comedian and star of Channel 31's Darren and Brose, Brose Avard for some exciting laps around the daunting 4.5 Km circuit.

The cars for this day? One of Holden's finest, a 5.7 litre, 235 Kilowatt 6 speed manual Holden Monaro and with much assistance from Holden and Greg Stevenson at Monaro Performance Centre, the stunning Targa Tasmania Holden Monaro as driven by Steven Richards and Gerry Bashford in this years event. Power figures were not disclosed but at a conservative guess around 350 Kilowatts. Eibach suspension and enormous Harrop brakes made this easily the fastest car Dean Irwin has driven around Phillip Island since his Formula Holden days.

'LJ' explains the finer points of driving to Brose Avard and Darren James.

Flat Chat Motoring would like to thank Warren Reid, Greg Stevenson, Holden, Darren James and Brose Avard for an exciting and enjoyable day.

Tune into LJ and Deano on Flat Chat Motoring every Sunday at 10am on Melbourne's Stereo 974 FM.

From left, Jim 'LJ' Wright, Brose Avard,
Dean Irwin and Darren James.

Please address all enquiries to:
ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

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