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CRIMESTOPPERS PROGRAMME DELIVERS! Posted: Wed 23rd Feb 2005 - 13:02

Five murder charges were included within a record 769 arrests as a result of calls to CrimeStoppers last year.

At an average of almost 15 arrests per week, the community crime fighting program recorded it's third successive year of record arrests - up from 719 in 2003. Calls to Crime Stoppers last year led to 3,719 charges laid - the recovery of $1.54 million worth of property and the seizure of $8.6 million worth of drugs.

Chief Commissioner Nixon praised the community for taking a stance against crime by calling Crime Stoppers.

The program received more than 29,000 calls in 2004 and more than 400,000 calls since it began in 1987.

If you have information about crime - you are encouraged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or via the website www.crimestoppers.com.au using an encrypted signal.

Crime Stoppers is broadcast over STEREO 974 every Tuesday Morning 11.15. A STEREO 974 Community Initiative.

Please address all enquiries to:
ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

RECORDS CRIME PREVENTION TIPS Posted: Mon 14th Feb 2005 - 13:02

STEREO 974, working with Victoria Police have today recorded a series of Crime Prevention Messages with Senior Constable Craig McDonald who is the Crime Prevention Officer stationed at Altona North Police.

These messages were recorded in the Production Facilities at STEREO 974, and voiced by Senior Constable Craig McDonald. The messages will go to air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to raise awareness to Crime Prevention.

Rod Boyd, General Manager of STEREO 974 said, "This is another initiative that we are proud of, by Producing and putting to air these messages we hope to reinforce the Crime Prevention Message to our Community. This furthers our relationship with the Victoria Police, and by working together, we can again take a proactive role".

STEREO 974 has always had a flexible outlook towards programming, which places us in a position whereby we can service the needs of our community and listeners.

Please address all enquiries to:
ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

GRANTLEY DEE - PASSED AWAY 7 FEBRUARY 2005 Posted: Tue 8th Feb 2005 - 13:02

Singer and radio personality Grantley Dee (real name Grantley De Zoete) was a well-known and popular presenter on Melbourne radio station 3AK. As a singer he recorded a string of singles for EMI between 1966 and 1968 and he also performed live during the late Sixties and into the early Seventies. Grantley (who is visually impaired) recently explained to media writer Ash Long (who wrote a comprehensive history of 3AK) that station manager-of-the-day Nigel Dick originally recruited him as a 16-year-old in 1963 in an effort to score publicity for the station. It proved successful, with Grantley and his guide dog Penny becoming popular station personalities.

Grantley started on 3AK in 1963 with The Grantley Dee Show, a regular four-hour ‘Top 100’ program on Saturday afternoons, plus the four-hour Big Sunday Show, featuring "big tunes and new releases" on Sunday afternoons. By the following year he was one of the station’s top announcers and had graduated to the prime "drivetime" slot from 4pm-7pm Mon-Fri, as well as regular weekend shifts. In 1965 he moved to the morning shift from 7-9am, plus the four-hour Grantley Dee Show from 9am-1pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Grantley was also an accomplished singer and during 1966, he was vocalist in a short-lived Melbourne-based band called The Hurricanes, although this band didn't make any recordings. His 3AK career slowed down somewhat during this year, after he was signed to EMI's subsidiary label HMV, for whom he recorded five singles, an EP and an LP. His first (and best known) single was a creditable cover of Billy Bland’s 1960 hit Let The Little Girl Dance, which is also notable as an early example of an Aussie rock single that is not sung in mock-American accent. It is now a sought-after collector’s item and in late 2002 Vicious Sloth Collectables in Melbourne had this single listed for sale at AU$75.

Grantley’s next two singles during ’66 were a cover of Bobby Rydell’s Wild One, followed by the Johnny Burnette perennial You’re Sixteen, and HMV also released his EP and LP that year. Grantley recorded two more singles in 1967, We Must Be Doing Something Right (recorded with Little Pattie) and his final single for HMV, It Hurts Me. His very last release, Love Is A Happy Thing, was issued on Columbia in 1968. This is sometimes credited as being a second duet with Little Pattie, but Grantley has kindly corrected this for us -- it was in fact a solo effort.

Concurrent with his singing career Grantley continued DJ-ing at 3AK, hosting the drive-time shift from 3-5pm weekdays and 4-5pm Sundays during 1967-68. At the end of 1968 3AK announced that it would be expanding to 24-hour operation after years of restricted-hours broadcasting (for most of the 60s the station went off air at 5pm) and it was announced that Grantley would host the station’s first all-night shift. How long he held this post is not known but he evidently left the station sometime during 1969.

In the late Sixties and into the Seventies, he fronted his own Grantley Dee Band which included Gil Matthews (guitar), Les Stacpool (guitar) (later replaced by Ron Leigh), Alan Turnbull (drums), John Vallins (bass) and Mick "The Reverend" O’Connor (keyboards). During 1970-71 he was vocalist in the Melbourne band Taurus, also with Gil Matthews. Grantley’s solo career tapered off in the early seventies although he performed with two other Melbourne acts, Rock Steady and The Henchmen in 1973, neither of which made it to record.

Please address all enquiries to:
ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email


At 8am today Thursday 3 February 2005, STEREO 974, immediately dedicated, "On - Air" Programming to broadcasting Flood information, due to the flooding throughout the Melbourne area.

Under STEREO 974, Emergency Response Broadcasting commitments, we were placed on alert by both the Maribyrnong and Hobson Bay Councils, likewise by the Altona North Police. Regular updates were put to air every ten minutes, advising listeners of road closures and diversions, as well as flood heights in Rivers and Creeks.

STEREO 974 has always had a flexible outlook towards programming, and our commitment to Emergency Response Broadcasting which places us in a position whereby we can service the needs of our community and listeners.

Please address all enquiries to:
ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email


STEREO 974 was thrilled to be part of the FOOTSCRAY LUNAR NEW YEAR FESTIVAL (Organised by the FOOTSACRAY ASIAN BUSINESS ASSOCIATION INC), in HOPKINS STREET FOOTSCRAY yesterday Sunday 30 January 2005, where we broadcast live from 12pm until 5pm from our purpose built Outside Broadcast Van.

This outside broadcast featured interviews with Vietnamese Community Leaders and other Western Suburb Identities including:

  • Mr Bruce Mildenhall (State Member for Footscray)
  • Mr. Sang Nguyen (Member for Melbourne West)
  • Bob Stokes (Inspector Footscray Police)
  • Pat Boyle (Detecive Inspector
  • Asian/Casino Squad Vic Police)
  • Michelle Mac Donald (Mayor Maribyrnong City Council)

    The broadcast was conducted by our very popular Vietnamese Announcers.

    "STEREO 974 has always had a flexible outlook towards programming which places us in a position whereby we can service the needs of our community and listeners. STEREO 974 adheres to our motto of - "By the community for the community". It is estimated that in excess of 50,000 people attended on the day."

    From L to R. Sang Nguyen M.P.
    Viet Tran, Lam Nguyen.

  • Please address all enquiries to:
    ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email


    General Manager of STEREO 974, Mr Rod Boyd said today "STEREO 974 is thrilled to acknowledge and congratulate, Mr. CHARLIE ZAMMIT, who was recently awarded and presented with a VICTORIA AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN MULTICULTURAL AFFAIRS. The presentation took place at Government House, Melbourne, by the Governor of Victoria Mr. John Landy.
    Charlie, presents and convenes our Maltese Programming here at STEREO 974, every Wednesday and Thursday, 6pm till 8pm. Charlie has done this for a period in excess of ten years. The Maltese Community are great supporters of STEREO 974, and numerous MALTESE ASSOCIATIONS, are actively involved in this programming. Our Maltese Programs really have become the Newsletters of the Air Waves for the Maltese Community, under the leadership of Charlie Zammit.

    Please address all enquiries to:
    ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

    GRANT CERTIFICATE AND PHOTO Posted: Tue 30th Nov 2004 - 13:11

    Please address all enquiries to:
    ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

    OUTSIDE BROADCAST - FOUR WHEEL DRIVE PROGRAM Posted: Thu 11th Nov 2004 - 13:11

    STEREO 974 was thrilled at the reception that we received at the NATIONAL 4 X 4 SHOW, held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Clarendon Street Southbank from the 21 October until 24 October 2004.

    On Saturday 23 October our FOUR WHEEL DRIVE SHOW broadcast their Program Live, commencing at 10 am until 12 midday, from the Exhibition Centre.

    STEREO 974 has always had a flexible outlook towards programming which places us in a position whereby we can service the needs of our community and listeners. STEREO 974 adheres to our motto of - "By the community for the community."

    Please address all enquiries to:
    ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

    BROOKLYN VOLUNTEER GROUP RECEIVES $4,600 GRANT Posted: Wed 10th Nov 2004 - 13:11

    Western Radio Broadcasters Inc (Stereo 974), one of the first groups to receive funding under the Victorian Government's $3 million Victorian Volunteer Small Grants program, will use its $4,600 grant for the training and recruitment of volunteer ethnic broadcasters and the purchase of outdoor broadcasting equipment.

    Bruce Mildenhall, Member for Footscray said this small grants program offers organisations that are keen to attract a broader range of people the chance to make their plans a reality - which will lead to great results for both the organisation and the new volunteer.

    "Stereo 974 is a non profit community radio station" he said. "It is on air 24 hours a day seven days a week with programs relayed in nine different languages. This grant will assist in the recruitment and training of volunteer ethnic presenters to conduct and expand on their wide range of ethnic language programs."

    Funds from the grant will also go towards equipment needed for Stereo 974 to broadcast from outdoor festivals and other events.

    Mr Mildenhall said that grants of up to $5,000 are available through the program to help broaden the volunteering options available and create new volunteering opportunities for people of all ages, genders, abilities and backgrounds.

    "Already, almost $125,000 has been allocated to a wide array of projects in the month since the small grants program was launched, which indicates that an incredible range of groups are thinking seriously about how to involve a more diverse range of people in their activities."

    "Funded through the Community Support Fund, this is another way that local communities can access CSF funds for real, local community benefit."

    Organisations interested in applying for grants should visit www.dvc.vic.gov.au/grants or call 1300 366 356 on any weekday between 8.30am and 10pm (except Public Holidays) for more information and an application form.

    For more information please contact Bruce Mildenhall on 9689 4283

    Please address all enquiries to:
    ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

    MARK STONE Posted: Tue 19th Oct 2004 - 13:10

    Stereo 974 are happy to announce that Mark Stone has taken a permanent position as Assistant Producer of the breakfast program at Sport 927 Melbourne.

    General Manager of Stereo 974 Mr Rod Boyd announced today that Stereo 974 was thrilled to see Mark take up this position and make the move to commercial radio. Mark has been involved with Stereo 974 for a period in excess of 5 years, and throughout this time has taken on the role as producer of our Match of the Day coverage firstly with the Western Region Football League and then throughout 2003 producing our VFL Match of the Day coverage. As well as this, Mark has produced and presented studio based sports programs and contributed to sporting segments. Mark now joins the ranks of numerous other volunteer announcers who started at Stereo 974 and have moved off to commercial radio to fulfil their goals.

    Mark will still be actively involved well into the future with Stereo 974 and an announcement will be made shortly re an exciting and innovative sports program to be introduced in 2005 at Stereo 974.

    Please address all enquiries to:
    ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

    THE PEOPLE RADIO SURVEYS FORGOT Posted: Wed 22nd Sep 2004 - 13:09

    The People Radio Surveys Forgot:
    Seven Million Australians Listen to Community Radio

    In a result that will stun the national media and advertising industries, new research by McNair Ingenuity reveals more than seven million Australians - or 45 per cent of people aged over 15 -- listen to community radio in an average month. In a typical week, more than 3.7 million listen to community radio and 685,000 listen exclusively to community radio.

    These key indicators of audience reach are the result of the most comprehensive survey ever conducted in the community radio sector's 30-year history. The survey was funded by the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts through the Community Broadcasting Foundation1 (CBF).

    Community broadcasting listenership is not specifically collected in the radio industry's regular audience research conducted by Neilsen Media Research.

    Ms Deborah Welch, a CBF Director, hailed the figures as confirmation of the growing strength and influence the community broadcasting sector has across Australia.

    "More than half of community radio listeners cited the diversity in programming and specialist music or information programs as their main reasons for tuning in," Ms Welch said.

    "This proves that we are meeting the needs of people who feel dissatisfied by what the mainstream and commercial media is serving them," she said.

    These strong audience figures reflect both a growing awareness of the services community radio provides and the sector's rapid growth.

    It has trebled in size since the early 1990s and now, with 345 long-term licensed stations, provides more individual radio services throughout Australia than either the commercial or national radio sectors.

    The survey also confirmed the strength of community radio in rural and regional areas, where more than 70 per cent of community radio stations are located. It showed that 1.4 million rural and regional Australians listen to community radio in a typical week.

    'With the commercial and national sectors using greater networking of programs in regional areas, community radio stations are increasingly the voice of their local communities," said Ms Welch.

    "More than thirty-five per cent of our rural and regional stations are the only radio service in their area or the only service producing local content," she said.

    But Ms Welch said the figures also focused attention on the sector's need for more government funding.

    Despite its large audience reach, the not for profit, volunteer driven, community radio sector operates on a shoestring budget, with stations surviving on small business sponsorship, listener subscriptions and donations, grants and fundraising initiatives.

    On average only 8% of station income comes from recurrent Australian Government grants via the CBF. Since the last significant increase in sector funding in 1996/97, the average level of government funding support available per station has declined in real terms by 43 per cent.

    Recent sector research indicates that many community radio stations still lack sufficient basic infrastructure to fully meet the needs of the communities they serve.

    The community broadcasting sector is seeking a commitment within the communication policies of all major parties for an additional $10.8 million in recurrent annual funding.

    For more information please phone Joanna McCarthy on (02) 9318 9615 or 0422 105 692.

    For the full results of the McNair Community Radio National Listener Survey, go to http://www.cbonline.org.au

    1 The CBF is an independent non-profit funding agency that solicits and distributes funds for the maintenance and development of community broadcasting in Australia. It is supported by the Australian Government through the Department of Communications Information Technology and the Arts.

    Community Broadcasting across Australia

    Community radio caters to diverse audiences
  • 53% of stations serve specific communities of interest, including: people from Indigenous and Ethnic Backgrounds; those who have a print disability; religious communities; young people or the over-50s; the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities; and people with an interest in specialist music.
  • 47% of stations serve a defined geographic community, and adopt a range of music and talks programs catering to the diverse local needs of their service area (eg local news and current affairs, local arts, Ethnic, Indigenous or RPH programs).

    Community radio enjoys widespread community support
  • More than 20,000 Australians volunteer at stations every year, contributing more than $145 million in unpaid labour.
  • 133,400 Australians are subscribers or members of community radio stations.
  • Last year, more than 35,000 Australians donated money to community radio stations.

    Community radio informs, entertains and provides access to the airwaves
  • More than 90% of stations broadcast news bulletins, and three-quarters offer current affairs programming.
  • More than 30% of the music played on community radio stations is by Australian artists.
  • Community radio records more than 400 hours of live Australian music for broadcast each week.
  • In the last year, more than 8,000 people received training in the community broadcasting sector. In any given week, more than 2,000 hours of formal training is undertaken at stations.

    Community radio needs adequate funding and resources
  • 46% of stations have no paid staff and rely solely on volunteer resources.
  • Over a third of stations do not have a back-up broadcast studio and only 34 per cent have a studio set aside for training purposes.
  • Only 43% of stations have a fully networked computer system (a basic broadcast tool providing digital audio production, scheduling, administrative and communications functions).
  • Only 68% of stations enjoy transmission reception coverage on par with other broadcasters in their area.

    Source: Community Broadcasting Database 2002/2003

  • Please address all enquiries to:
    ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

    VIEWS FROM OUR TRANSMITTER SITE Posted: Tue 20th Jul 2004 - 13:07

    Some images taken from Stereo974's transmitter site.

    Altona ViewCity ViewGeelong View
    Northern View ViewNorthern ViewSunshine View
    Werribee View

    Please address all enquiries to:
    ROD BOYD, General Manager STEREO 974 - (03) 9318-0930 or email

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